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Treca Interiors Paris Bed

In addition to our own production, we have been the official dealers of Treca Interiors Paris for over 25 years.

We are completely familiar with the entire collection, whose continuous evolution we have accompanied throughout this entire time. Our experience with Treca Interiors Paris products, and the fact that we use them personally for over 25 years in our homes, ensures we may advise our clients with the utmost care in finding solutions for achieving truly amazing sleep quality. The Treca Interiors Paris collection is very vast, comprised of a great number of items. Only a thorough knowledge of each piece permits the composing of a real Treca Interiors Paris bed, being custom-stitched to meet the requirements of the customer.

The tradition and style of artisan furnishings

Treca bed

For over eighty years, Treca Interiors Paris has been faithful to the art of traditional French furnishings.

All Treca Interiors Paris beds are manufactured entirely in the atelier of the brand's historical location, situated in Reichshoffen in France.

Achieving pleasure in sleeping is an art that Treca Interiors Paris proposes by combining noble materials, the experience of its craftsmen and the talent of its designers.

The respect for tradition and the custom-made creations have made the brand an international benchmark in the high-end bed sector.

made-to-measure bed

Treca Interiors Paris has always striven to meet the needs of an international clientèle, being refined, seeking comfort and decor options that are personalised and exclusive in the bedroom world.

Treca Interiors Paris has managed to maintain the equilibrium between the tradition of its activities and modernity in materials.

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To offer comfort without limitations, Treca Interiors Paris puts the best of its "know-how" into practice, being the result of a long tradition in servicing your nights: the mattresses and boxsprings are manufactured to perfection, with the principle focus always being the attention to detail.

The mattress, the main element of the bed, is chosen in accordance with one's personal needs and habits.

To respond specifically to all needs, Treca Interiors Paris offers a complete range of mattresses by supplying different types of comfort based on the weight and height of the client.


For each model, a wide choice of sizes is offered (including American sizes). The "made-to-measure" and the different spring levels allow the ideal customisation of your mattress whilst

the pocket springs, exclusive lattices and precision processing give rise to unique mattresses, created for extreme well-being.

The durability of the mattress is ensured by internal tufting that is still made by hand, a characteristic of Treca Interiors Paris that unites reception and suspension. The quilted mattress covers, created to perfect comfort, are the latest results of Treca Interiors Paris' research.

The range of mattresses, from the boxsprings and Treca Interiors Paris quilting can be customised to your liking in terms of dimensions, for real "customised" service. Let yourself be guided by our offerings to combine the different components of your bed and obtain perfect comfort.

wool mattresses

Treca Interiors Paris raw materials are selected in accordance with very stringent quality criteria, with the aim of providing an immediate sensation of comfort, adapting to the morphology of the body night after night.

Treca guarantees the best distribution of natural fibres on the mattress plane, whilst rigorous selection ensures resilience and high endurance over time.

Cotton, wool, Phyto-biolana, silk, linen and cashmere are the noble fibres that Treca Interiors Paris has selected to render their mattresses unique.

The Ingeo®, Microfiber and Talalay® technological fibres complement the range of fillings. The Sanitized antibacterial treatments make the raw materials utilised even safer.

At the same time, the Trecaflex system offers the support of the slats and the comfort of the springs. Each slat consists of a row of pocket springs compressed between a solid wooden support and a flexible plank in multilayered wood. The independent and flexible slats provide homogeneous comfort across the entire plane of the boxspring in relation to the morphology of each. It is a unique, solid and guaranteed system, available in a fixed boxspring version or with manual or electronic relaxation. Trecaflex is available in the Mono version with one bed plane and the Duo version, with two-level twin beds in one bed frame, with only four external feet.

adjustable bed

The magic of the Trecaflex M5 boxspring with electronic relaxation utilises a technology that disappears when the bed is not in use. The bed integrates into your universe in each moment and bears your preferred decoration. The five joints are driven by reliable and quiet engines. The remote control via radio waves has blue backlit buttons for easy viewing even in the dark. A LED system under the bed can be operated as night-time security lighting. A power cut-off system on the power cord enables the use of the bed in complete safety.

Faithful to the tradition of the French Maison de Couture, the Treca Interiors Paris Décoration atelier offers a collection of exclusive designs to dress your bed. The audacity and inventiveness of the designers unite the art of the French tapestry tradition. Here are a few examples from the wide range of beds and headboards. We look forward to showing you the complete collection of Treca Interiors Paris when you visit us in Cantù (Como), in Via per Cucciago 8.

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