Couch and armchair restoration

It is often difficult to part with certain pieces of furniture that have been with us for years, if not for our entire lives.

These are commonly family pieces of furniture, which may even take us back to our childhood or particularly significant moments of our lives.

We really enjoy providing restoration services to our clients.

It is truly greatly satisfying to witness the joy in the eyes of a client upon seeing their couch or armchair after our work in restoring its initial splendour.


The starting point for a restoration is being shown photographs of the item that you wish to make like new again. We provide some indications on whether or not restoration is opportune and give an idea of ​​the labour costs. From there, we commence on the adventure of giving a second life to the couch or armchair.


The restoration is studied in detail in our laboratory.

We can work just on the lining or undertake a radical overhaul that also includes the stuffing.

In providing this service, we are always very careful in respecting the peculiarities of each piece on which we work.


Contact us by phone or send an email to indicating in the subject "Restoration information request". As mentioned prior, we request you also attach some pictures.

We will provide basic information directly concerning this service of ours.


Restoration may also mean restoring a piece of furniture and modernising it.

On many occasions, we have given new life to a sofa with a covering that may provide more glamour whilst also restoring its shape.


Our expansive collection of fabrics and leather for us to study in creating a new covering for your couch is just one of our pleasures. Indeed, we are sure our unique materials and eye-catching colours will surprise you.

For us, this forms part of what is a truly creative and rewarding work.


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