Custom-made furnishings

Our starting point in creating custom-made furnishing is generally an important apartment or prestigious villa that must be entirely furnished. We often design interiors for homes that have been restored, given a second life and thus adapted to the new needs of those who will inhabit them.


We execute specific projects, also providing the client with renderings that give an exact picture of how the finished work will be. We combine our artistic soul with new technologies to create a blend of beauty and efficiency in the new furnishings, forming an "intelligent home" and, if desired, home automation.


Welcome to a concept of home that will win you over, with living there resulting in pure pleasure.

We focus on a timeless elegance that is never ostentatious, but which encompasses beauty and durability.


The decision to preserve our handcrafted aspects and create our furniture at virtually zero kilometres is the result of our culture into which we were born, having remained active for 60 years here in the manufacturing district of Brianza.

Discover with us the potential that can be hidden in a decor designed just for you and tailor-made for your home.


One of our passions is also creating set-ups for shops and offices.

After the well-known hair-stylist and image designer Roberto Bombardieri had us furnish his home, he entrusted us with his salon in Arzignano (Vi), a challenge which enthused us immediately. Working for someone so attentive to aesthetics is greatly gratifying and offered us new inspirations. The amplitude of the volumes in the Salon allowed us to enhance the materials and the lighting prospectives.

Our great reward was then the satisfaction of Roberto Bombardieri and his staff.

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