Cantine su misura

Made-to-measure cellars

Our passion for creating custom decor often leads us to designing more unique environments within a dwelling.

As with the "Cabinets of Curiosities" popular throughout the 16th-18th centuries, possessing a collection today and watching it grow is a greatly emotional experience. This is why we are asked more and more often to design a space that has such a specific purpose, where one may enjoy their own personal collection.


A challenge that we have embraced for some years is the design, for example, of made-to-measure cellars.

Starting from the passion of the collection's owner, we analyse the number of items and its possible evolution, so as to create a decor that is welcoming, allowing for its rearranging whilst enhancing the entire present and future collection. We optimise the functionality of the available space to exalt the result.

Creating spaces suited to the various types of bottle and crate collections provides the pleasure of seeing one's entire collection in one completely satisfying glance.


Here a true and proper contemporary "Cabinet of Curiosities" is born from our hands, providing our clients with the pleasure of enjoying their passions and showing it to their friends.

A customised cellar thus becomes a greatly rewarding luxury.

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