innovative systems for armchairs and sofa beds

Working to always create new models of sofa beds and armchair beds that can unite comfort and aesthetics, we have found the optimal mechanisms to create sofa beds that are easy to open and close, yet which guarantee the right amount of comfort both for sleeping and for use as a couch.


The innovation of Simmons pocket spring mattresses presents a wide range of sofa beds in our collection, rendering our selection of quality products even more complete. Now, sleeping in a sofa bed can really provide the same comfort as sleeping in a real bed, without compromises in aesthetics or sleep quality.


Depending on the space available, we offer in our collection perpendicular or parallel openings for the back of the sofa and mechanism and mattress varieties that will never be found with other manufacturers.


We study opening systems that optimise the spaces, so as not to lose valuable centimetres and which render the transformation from lounges to beds truly simple and light. In the gallery below there are some pictures of our sofa beds. Have you ever seen a single sofa bed which rotates on itself and becomes a real bed for all nights, with a slatted frame and a mattress in high-end springs? The arms can have various shapes and sizes, and the coating is always removable.


Throughout virtually all of our sofa beds collection, you will no longer have to move any cushions to open and close the bed, saving you time and effort plus space in the room.


The focus we have honed throughout our with many years of experience enables us to find solutions

even for areas that would otherwise be ill-suited to the presence of a bed option.

We are always ready to take up new design challenges.

If you do not believe us, just come to visit us and try out the results of all the passion we put into our work.


In our showroom in Cantù, you can see and try our creations, getting a true feel for our quality.

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