Made-to-measure production since 1956

The tradition and quality of Made in Italy

custom-made furnishing

Our company was established in 1956, founded by our father Ambrogio Mauri.

Ever passionate about furniture, he decided to start his own business and then to open a workshop for the artisan production of sofas and sofa beds, with a small internal display area. Over the years, the production and exhibition spaces expanded in order to satisfy an increasingly exacting and sophisticated clientèle who, in the meantime, had grown fond of this way of creating furniture with the passion of a craftsman who has faith in his work.


This passion was transmitted to us from an early age and, since the 1980s, my sister Donatella and myself, Teresa, have had the honour and the duty of carrying forth this family tradition. His dedication continues to inspire our work today and his desire to create quality productscontinues to encourage everyone of us in the company.


Donatella, who graduated in Architecture in 1985 from Politecnico di Milano, also has her own studio within the company, which allows us to design and create complete furnishings, tailored to our clientèle, being exacting in terms of quality and decor in their interior design.


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