Architect Donatella Mauri

Mauri Ambrogio - Cantù

The dream. The enthusiasm for creativity.

My work as an architect is a real and lasting passion.


I graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 1985 and ever since, I have been realising the dreams of my clients, guiding them in the creation of environments in which they can not only be comfortable, but also recognise themselves in accordance with their own personal mental geography. My job takes leads me to always seek new design solutions that render each environment unique via a tailored fit for those who wanting to find their own private nest, their security.

This is because entering into a nice house, where the furnishings interact with the environment, perhaps experiencing unusual combinations of colours, designs, materials and architectural elements, gives the unique pleasure of your home being your haven.

I personally oversee the projects of my studio and this guarantees a personal relationship with my client. I learn to know and empathise with their needs. I am very attentive to the various phases of my work, not leaving anything to chance.

Throughout the course of my work, I always seek to resolve any issues that may arise in a very immediate and responsive manner, so that my client will experience only the pleasure of having chosen to renovate their home.


My clients' satisfaction is my biggest success.

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