Mattresses, toppers and pillows

Mattresses and pillows

Our collection would not be complete without the most important accessories for creating beds

that are truly personalised. In order of importance, we start with mattresses, created in accordance with the needs of each of our clients. Besides the Treca Interiors Paris collection, which we have discussed in the dedicated section of our site, we offer a very curated artisan range produced in Italy. Also in this case, each mattress is designed to satisfy the needs for comfort plus proper and focused support for those with allergies or special needs. Or simply perfected to make you sleep better.


Another important and often undervalued element is the bed pillow, being the cushion on which we pass our nights. For over ten years, we have supplied our clients with the Pillow-bar service, being a selection of pillows with special technical characteristics, ranging from natural fillings such as cotton, wool or high-quality feathers, through to the special fibres such Ingeo® or technical foams.

Choosing the right pillow for your body allows for better resting of the neck and, consequently, the entire spine.


And then, last but not least, there is the topper, being the mattress cover that becomes the icing on the cake of a bed that is truly made-to-measure for the needs of regenerating sleep. Positioned on top of the mattress is a padded layer on which to sleep. It creates an incredible effect, helping to eliminate body friction and giving an immediate feeling of relaxation. Also in this case, we offer various types of padding, to be recommended in accordance with personal needs.


We look forward to revolutionising the way you sleep...

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